Where To See Celebrities In Hollywood!

Are you visiting the Los Angeles area and hoping to see some celebrities? It’s funny living here in Los Angeles because quite often if you’re out and about enough you find yourself turning to the person next to you and saying, “Hey, wasn’t that (insert celebrity here)?” If you’re lucky enough, you might sit at the table next to them so you can nonchalantly stare at them the entire time pretending your enjoying your meal but really just trying to hear what they are talking about. Or maybe that’s just me? I would never want to be them, but a small glimpse into their life would be a story to tell for years. And nowadays, everyone has a camera on their phone so you won’t miss that photo opportunity, even if it might just be the back of Brad Pitt’s head. WHO CARES?!?! IT’S BRAD PITT’S HEAD!

You have a chance to see a celebrity anywhere, but to increase your odds of seeing one there are a few favorite restaurants of the Hollywood Stars that you might want to check out.  You never know when they might get a craving for their favorite eatery.


*George Clooney- Du-par’s

*James Franco, Lindsay Lohan- Chateau Marmont

*CUT @ the Beverly Wilshire- Eva Longoria

*Adam Sandler, Will Smith, Jerry Seinfield- Jerry’s Famous Deli

*Sylvester Stalone, Sharon Osborne, Jennifer Aniston- Nobu


If you see any celebrities while you are in Los Angeles, let us know!




Thanks Huffington Post

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