See a Movie Being Filmed in the Los Angeles Area

Feel like a Hollywood Celebrity vacation? Balboa RV Park is the place to stay! We are located in a prime location to easily experience all Los Angeles has to offer. Not only are we neighbors with Occidental Entertainment Movie Studio, but there are many more studios around the area. But you do not need to go to a movie studio to get in on the action, you just need to know where to go.  There is a website called On Location Vacation that keeps you up to date on all the filming going on in our area. This week Iron Man 3 was being filmed on location at the TLC Chinese Theater in Hollywood, Backstreet Boys filmed a performance, Bones was being filmed, Jimmy Kimmel was given a star on the Walk of Fame, Teen Wolf is filming today, and many more on location filming going on next week.

Getting a glimpse of how movies and shows are filmed is really a fun tourist attraction. The first show I ever saw filmed was a soap opera called Sunset Beach. It was quite an experience being there and getting to watch the filming going on and then seeing the episode air at a later time. I would really encourage any out of town guests of Balboa RV Park to take advantage of our location and find a movie or show being filmed nearby. Please let us know if you do!

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