Roadschooling and Educational Activities Close to Balboa RV Park

I recently came across the idea of “roadschooling” and I am loving the idea! It is where families travel around the country while educating their kids along the way. The kids are getting real life experiences rather than just learning from books. I have been following some blogs about families that save up about a years worth of money and then take off in their RV for an amazing adventure together.

With so many educational experiences in Los Angeles, Balboa RV Park would be the perfect stop for any roadschooling families out there (and families on vacation as well).  We are centrally located to museums, beaches, historical sites, observatories, archeological digs, aquariums, movie studios that offer tours, and not to mention lots of fun amusement parks like Disneyland, Six Flags Magic Mountain, and Hollywood Studios (which could be educational too, right?).

I would imagine roadschooling might have some families living on a tight budget, so here is an article on a few museums that offer free admittance at least on some days that might be worth looking into. It is an older blog so the dates are not current, but the museums are still worth looking into.

Discover Los Angeles is another great website to check out for information on experiences of all kinds including culture, nightlife, activities, etc.  You can even sort by region as well such as Hollywood, Santa Monica, Pasadena, etc. might be very helpful.

Please let Balboa RV Park know if there is anything we can help recommend to you. We want you to enjoy your stay!

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