7740 Balboa Blvd., Van Nuys, CA 91406
(818) 785-0949


Enjoy your stay with us and please observe the following rules& regulations:

1. Care of Space:

Each tenant must keep his own rented area free of weeds and debris. Bushes, lawns and plants must be kept watered and trimmed.  Please adhere to the local watering ordinance. If you choose a spot with trees, then you are parking under trees at your own risk.  You are responsible for the UP-KEEP of your lawn/space. Potted plants are allowed on the space but subject to management approval.

Only approved patio furniture is allowed on porches. Other items must be kept in your sheds or RV.

All trash, cartons and waste paper next to your RV is a fire hazard. Please use the trash-bins provided (daily). No freezers, refrigerators, washer and dryers, and clotheslines allowed on space. Storage sheds must be approved.

Fire-pits, outdoor fireplaces, and chimneys are not permitted.  BBQ’s and propane tanks are to be placed at a safe distance from the RV.  BBQ’s are not allowed under any awnings, tarps or inside screen rooms or up against any buildings.

Extra sheds or add-on-porches must be approved by the OFFICE Management with written approval.

Please put all trash in trash bags and place in the park trash bins.  Please do not place any items next to trash bin that you think someone would like.  Please do not pick through the trash bin.

All laws and ordinances of the city, county and state must be obeyed. No acts shall be committed which would place the management in violation of these laws and ordinances

2. Responsibility:

Management is not responsible for any loss due to fire, accident or theft.  Please lock all doors at all times.

All Minor Children are to be supervised at all times.   Management is not responsible for the supervision and safety of your children.

Please do not walk through a yard that belongs to another tenant.  Please respect their space.

No person shall disturb the peace, make unreasonable noise and use provocative language, engage in violent behavior or display or discharge a firearm or weapon.

Quiet Time: After 10:00 PM, televisions and stereos must be turned down. NO loud noise or disturbances that would annoy other tenants or neighbors. Please be respectful of your neighbor. Bright lights must be dimmed after 10:00am.

SPEED LIMIT IN THE PARK IS 5 (FIVE) MPH.  STOP SIGNS MUST BE OBEYED.  Children are present in the park please be careful.

3. Pets:

IF YOU HAVE A PET, PLEASE INFORM MANAGEMENT AND SECURE A PET AGREEMENT. You may not leave any food outside for any animal even your own.  Stray cats and dogs are a nuisance to our park.  You may be served a 30 day eviction notice if we catch you feeding stray cats and dogs.  When feeding your own animal outside your RV do not leave them unattended.  After feeding please pick up any food left over. We love cats and dogs but only when they are in your RV.

4. Emergency:

For any life-threatening emergency call the police, sheriff or fire department.  When time allows also call the manager at 1-818-785-0949.

5. Clubhouse

Management has the right to restrict the use of the clubhouse as to the hours it remains open and also the purposes and conduct of those using it.

The clubhouse is for use only by tenants.

6. Vehicles

Vehicles must be operational at all times

When selling your RV that is going to remain on the space, your buyer must first come into the office and fill out a tenant application that must first be checked and approved by OFFICE Management.  (Assuming your buyer wishes to live in the park).  If this is not done, your new buyer will be requested to move the RV out of the park.  Only one “FOR SALE “ sign is allowed. (No larger than 12”x12”).

Car Repair, tearing down of motors, oil changes etc. is not permitted.

Because of the lack of parking , there is a limit of one  (1) vehicles allowable per space.  Guest must park in Guest parking spaces.  Tenant is responsible for their guests.

Parking spaces are for cars & trucks only.  No motor homes, campers, utility trailers or boats shall be parked in them.  Please only park in your assigned parking space.  Please do not park on another RV space or patio unless you have prior approval.

Car canopies must have management approval.

7. Care of RV


All motor homes must be able to move under their own power.

All RVS must be kept clean, have a good paint job and presentable condition.

No Tents are allowed.

8. Miscellaneous

Park rules are subject to change.

Management reserves the right to refuse service to anyone.

All complaints must be submitted in writing and submitted to the park office.

You may not set up a business in your RV that would bring outside customers to your space.

For utilities: Department of Water and Power for Electricity call 1.800.342.5397; AT&T for Phone and DSL Internet call 1.800.750.2355; Time Warner Cable for Phone and Cable TV/Internet call 1.888.892.2253.

Click here for copy of the Rules & Regulations.