Balboa RV Park Guests Cannot Miss Disneyland at Christmas


Christmas at the Disneyland Resort is truly magical. The price might be high and the crowds are plentiful, but the memories you will make with your family especially at Christmas will far outweigh the negative. Disney goes above and beyond with the decorations from Main Street at Disneyland being lined with garland and lights, the castle being lit every night with special music and snow falling, Disney characters all dressed in their special Christmas attire, Small World transformed into a Christmas Wonderland with the song “Jingle Bells” playing throughout the ride, parades with Santa making an appearance, and an amazing holiday firework show.

There is something to do for all ages especially with the newly opened Cars Land and Buena Vista Street at Disney’s California Adventure. As you enter the Park and walk down Buena Vista Street, carolers greet you with jingle bells. Santa waits to visit with the children in one of the stores at the end of the street, and a gorgeous Christmas tree is lit up at night. Cars Land welcomes you with Frosty the Snow Car. I personally think he is quite adorable and a perfect photo opportunity too! Also, don’t miss your chance to get a picture with Mater (from the Disney movie Cars) in his Christmas hat.

Lucky for guests of Balboa RV Park, Disneyland is only an hour away. You get the benefits of playing in Downtown Los Angeles one day, Disneyland the next, and then maybe Hollywood the day after that. That is, if you are trying to pack everything into your vacation to Southern California and leaving no time for rest! But who needs rest? You are staying in the “City of Angeles”.  Enjoy your stay!

Tips for your day at Disneyland if you have kids

~  Take advantage of Rider Switch. If you want to go on a ride that your kids cannot go on, one parent will get a pass from a cast member and can get in line and go on the ride, while the other parent waits with the kids. Then switch. The other parent can take one other person and take the pass practically to the front of the line and have no wait at all!

~  Use the Baby Care Centers if you have babies. There are private places to nurse your baby, diaper tables to change diapers, along with high chairs and microwaves to feed your little one. It is nice to have a clean place to take care of your baby, and especially nice when its either too hot or too cold out.

Have a magical time!

Photo courtesy of yelp

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